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Quantitative Portfolio Management

  • Head of Factor Investing
  • Portfolio Manager, Factor Investing
  • Portfolio Manager, Systematic Non-US Equity
  • Senior Portfolio Manager, Systematic Liquid Alts
  • Portfolio Construction Specialist

Quantitative Fixed Income and Equity Research

  • Chief Credit Officer
  • Senior Quant Research Analyst, Global Active Rates and FX
  • Senior Quant Research Analyst, MBS and Rates
  • Senior Quant Research Analyst, Credit
  • Senior Quant Research Analyst/Strategist, Fixed Income Advanced Beta
  • Senior Quant Research Analyst, Machine Learning
  • ALM and Insurance Capital Strategy Analysts, London and Boston
  • Senior Quant Research Analyst, Quantamental Equity L/S

Risk Management and Analytics

  • Head of Fixed Income Risk and Analytics
  • Head of Equity Risk Management
  • Head of Municipal Fixed Income Risk Management
  • Head of Taxable Fixed Income Risk Management
  • Head of Model Validation
  • Risk Manager, Quantitative Active Equities
  • Risk Manager, Fundamental Active Equities
  • Risk Manager, Index Equities

Fundamental Fixed Income and Equity Investment Research

  • Senior Fixed Income Analyst, Municipal Credit
  • Senior Equity Analyst - Sector Specialists – Financials, Energy, Healthcare, Basic Materials
  • Senior Equity Analyst - Japan, Asia ex-Japan
  • Senior Equity Analyst, Global Value Generalist
  • Deputy Director of ESG Investing
  • ESG Investing Analyst 

Portfolio Management

  • Equity Index Portfolio Manager
  • Funding and Short-Term Portfolio Manager
  • Large Cap Growth Portfolio Manager
  • Mid Cap Growth Portfolio Manager

Wealth Management

  • Wealth Portfolio Manager
  • Wealth Advisor


  • Chief Auditor
  • Treasurer

Placements in:

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, London, Singapore